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Quality and Speed


Fast Turnaround

Created or refactored all the apps for this project with a turnaround time of a month to a few months per app. Drastically reduced project costs by leading a small team while producing high quality code in a short amount of time.

Provided very organized, modular and readable code which could be maintained and new features could be easily added to for years to come. All the best iOS coding practices that Apple themselves recommend were used.

Complete Project Management

Took responsibility for the company's flagship iOS app - Elementum Source. Completely refactored the codebase to the latest, best coding standards and practices for iOS. Created the core architecture for the app. Helped junior developers with understanding iOS concepts and guided them in the implementation of features. Took the lead in terms of gathering requirements, working with the UI team, QA team and product management.

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Enterprise Security

Created an iOS app that could securely host and launch an enterprise's in-house apps.

Team Integration

Worked with management, other developers, UI team and QA team to add features to existing apps, refactor code and fix bugs. Collaborated with other iOS developers to understand and implement basic and more advanced iOS concepts and techniques.

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iBeacon Technology

Created an app that could detect and respond to the presence of iBeacons. Replicon developers then took the core iBeacon components and integrated them into their own system. Spent time at the client's location testing iBeacon detection under different scenarios.

Fun and Games

Took the lead on creating Final Assassin, a stats-based iPhone game with stunning graphics where the player takes on organized crime. Refactored the demo-quality code of the game into modular, streamlined, easy to understand, production-ready code. Worked with graphic designers to integrate graphics into game and QA team to resolve bugs.

iBeacon Technology

Created an iBeacon indoor positioning app with detailed, graphical feedback for experimentation and troubleshooting so PosIQ could determine if this technology could be used in their POS system.

Rapid Prototyping

Quickly built a prototype for a next generation photo sharing app from specs provided by the client.

Samples of My Work

Amazing Graphics

Final Assassin

Final Assassin is a stats-based iPhone game with stunning graphics where the player takes on organized crime.

Meme Generator


Dazzup enables users to create memes using templates from a variety of categories and upload them to Facebook. With some templates it is possible to includes photos from the user's phone.

World Builder

3D Mazes: Play, Create & Share

With 3D Mazes: Play, Create & Share users can design large, detailed 3D mazes filled with fun, user-defined actions and share them with others.

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Mouth Mimicker


LipShtik turns your phone into a virtual mouth that responds to the sound of your voice. A sophisticated mouth engine generates random yet intelligently dependent mouth movements that are not only voice activated but also respond to the loudness of a person's voice. High-definition images provided by the client who is a professional photographer make for a very realistic looking set of mouths.