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Currently I am living in Mountain View, California, I have been developing software for the past 20 years. I enjoy creating innovative applications for the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV. Let me make your mobile dreams a reality! For the past few years I have been involved in countless iOS projects, gaining experience and improving my skills to the point where I can quickly code mobile solutions on the iOS platform using the most up-to-date technologies and coding practices. I've created iOS apps for individuals, startups to established companies.

How I Work


I take the time to understand the product or feature to be implemented and any obstacles that might be in the way. I can tackle what may seem like difficult problems with ease. I become a part of the team working closely with other developers (training and guiding them if required), project managers, QA and any other stakeholders as needed.


Then I outline a solution. This may involve a simple verbal understanding or JIRA task, or a presentation with one or more meetings. This solution might be creating an app from scratch, refactoring existing code or simply adding a few new features. This is done before any coding ever begins.


I then begin quickly and efficiently coding to your specifications while writing modern, organized, easy to read code that will be maintainable for years to come. I can keep you updated on the progress with daily app builds and reports. I can also organize meetings to demo the current state of the product if it would be helpful.


If needed, I can lead and train the team during this process, outlining quick, solid approaches to adding features while explaining the latest iOS technologies and best practices.


Watch App Creator - Create apps for Apple Watch on your iPhone.

TI SensorTag Dashboard - Connects an Apple TV to a TI SensorTag to read measurement data from its various sensors.

STGTISensorTag Framework - iOS framework that enables any Apple device to interface with the TI SensorTag.

Fiziks Funhouse - Physics simulation written in Swift using SceneKit for tvOS.

3D Mazes: Play, Create & Share - Create a 3D game and share with others.

iBeacon Indoor Positioning - Reports the closest iBeacon with a particular proximityUUID.

Swift Tutorials - Comprehensive examples of all the features of the latest version of the Swift language.

Algorithms - Common computer science algorithms written in Swift.

Google Glass Demo Project - Demos of the features unique to Glass.

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About Me

Andre Muis

I started programming on my Commodore VIC 20 when I was only 8 years old. I was fascinated with the idea that you could make a computer do whatever you wanted it to and I still am. Since then I have created mobile, web and desktop applications for myself, universities, big and small companies, and startups for the Windows, Linux and iOS platforms in a variety of languages from .NET to Swift.

When the iPhone came out I was excited by the possibilities that this mobile technology offered. After work I learned Objective-C and created my first iPad app. The app received great reviews in the App Store. With that experience under my belt in 2011 I set off from Florida to Silicon Valley where I knew the iPhone was hot and there were lots of exciting startups to join with new ideas. Since then I have been involved in one iOS project after another.